A Week in the Mall: Our Pop-Up at Orchard Park - Kelowna

We, at Nugu Home, are passionate about creating eco-friendly and health-conscious dinnerware that is accessible to everyone. In April, we had the opportunity to showcase our product at a pop-up shop in collaboration with Tree House Interiors at the Orchard Park Shopping Centre in Kelowna, Canada. The response from the local community was overwhelming, and we are grateful for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share our values.

For us, the pop-up was not just about showcasing our product, but also about creating an impact and promoting responsible production and consumption. We were thrilled to receive so many positive comments about our product, with visitors appreciating the quality, design, and colors of our dinnerware. It was heartening to hear people describe our product as "truly handmade," "very high quality," "lovely colors," and "exquisite designs." It reinforced our commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices.

One of the most pleasant surprises for us was the reaction to our product pricing. As an impact business, we want our products to be accessible to everyone, and it was heartening to see people respond positively to our fair pricing. We believe that everyone should have access to eco-friendly and health-positive dinnerware without having to pay a premium price.

The collaboration with Tree House Interiors was a perfect complement to our product. Their stunning furniture and dining tables provided the perfect setting to showcase our dinnerware, and visitors could easily envision the complete look for their dining spaces. The setup was dreamy and caught everyone's attention.

Another interesting observation for us was that our product appealed to everyone, regardless of age or gender. It was heartening to see men, teenagers, and young children equally drawn to our lovely colored dinnerware. It reinforced our belief that our product has something for everyone.

As the week drew to a close, we were thrilled with the response from the Kelowna community. Many visitors expressed their desire to see the pop-up return to the mall soon, and we are already planning our next event. The pop-up was not just about selling products, but also about creating an impact and connecting with people who share our values. It was a fantastic experience, and we look forward to more such collaborations in the future.


Sonali Sharma

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