The Nugu Story

“After almost a decade of throwing pots across the world, I decided to go back to my roots, i.e., India to build a pottery that is beyond a potter’s studio, a space that sustainably grows and evolves with the community.” Sumanth Sampath – co-founder at Nugu.

Nugu was born organically at the affluence of many dreams. Sumanth’s commitment was to build a pottery that can consistently create design-led, strong, and functional stoneware for both restaurants and homes; and his partner, Sonali’s vision was to build a space that brings sustainable development for indigenous potters in rural India. And then there was the excitement and rigour of the rural potters, who were elated by the idea of having an infrastructure and livelihood that allows them to grow and develop closer to their families and communities. 

Today, after almost 5 years of blood and sweat, Nugu is the first sustainable micro-factory build in one of the most remote villages in South India. It supports the families of over 50 indigenous potters and is well recognised as the preferred brand by reputed hospitality brands such as Marriott, Westin, Radisson etc., for their custom tableware requirements. 

Two founders standing beside each other in factories

“Nugu dinnerware is not just one of the finest handmade dinnerware in Asia, but it is so much more owing to the values, impact and sustainability that has grown around it.” Sonali Sharma – co-founder at Nugu.

After doing record sales in business during the first couple of years of their existence, the pandemic hit them hard and they, like many other businesses began to look for alternate sources of revenue. Owing to Nugu’s distinct designs, they were getting huge interest from the global market, and this growing demand inspired them to build Nugu as an E-commerce brand in North America. 

Drying ceramics in Micro-factory

Sticking to their values of sustainable production, social impact, and good design; Nugu is excited to launch their online shop in November 2022. Headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, the brand is receiving great enthusiasm from the locals in Canada who are eager to welcome fresh, handmade, and sustainable dinnerware sets to their homes. 

We are often asked, why the name Nugu? “Nugu is the name of the river that flows through the village, our micro-factory is located in. It offers sustenance to the neighboring 5 villages. Similarly, Nugu Home’s vision is to offer sustainable development to the people, in harmony with the environment in these 5 villages. We want to share our craft and story with the world and bring impeccable handmade pottery for love-made homes, globally.” Sonali and Sumanth.

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