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Love my dishes!

I have been dreaming of purchasing new dishes for quite awhile. A couple of weekends ago while shopping at Orchard Park Mall I came across a beautiful display of dishes and knew that this was what I had been dreaming of! I love my new dishes and they came so nicely packed and delivered promptly as promised. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.


Love, love, love the Nugu Home purchases that I have made. Excellent quality, durability and look. Each piece is truly a piece of art and I love the story behind Nugu Home's brand. I'll be adding to my collection soon.

Thank you!

Theses are the cutest little plates- perfect for snack time or having a small nibble with my coffee. I can tell that so much thought went in to the design and packaging (no plastic!!). Love them!!


Love, love, love the Nugu Home purchases that I have made. Excellent quality, durability and look. Each piece is truly a piece of art and I love the story behind Nugu Home's brand. I'll be adding to my collection soon.

Edge Mug (Set of 4)
Mireille P.

We purchased these along with other items of the same collection and colour, because of the wonderful, dreamy colour. Beautiful pieces, with a nice weight to them. Gonna buy double portion bowls of the same collection next!

Such a beautiful addition to my kitchen.

I absolutely love the colour combination and the sturdiness of this mug. It looks like a lot of love, patience and care went into crafting it. Highly recommend it.

4pc coffee mug set

Very well crafted and durable. The thickness keeps my coffee hot, longer than my regular coffee mugs. I highly recommend them.Had them shipped from the factory to Nova Scotia in only a few business days and the packaging prevented any damage from occurring. Great company.

Great customer service!

Thank you so much for the beautiful ramen bowls. When my order came with damage due to shipping, your staff was understanding and prompt in finding a solution. My replacement order arrived quickly, and now I'm enjoying my bowls. I heartily recommend your products and staff!

Best coffee Cups I've had

I've tried a lot of cups, and find these to be quite nice. The coffee stays hot, its really nice to hold and it guilt-free. LOVE IT!

Unique And Beautiful Plates!

This is my first purchase from Nugu but I am definitely considering another one! These plates have a nice weight and feel to them, and the glaze is beautiful. There is this very subtle pattern in the plate that really adds to the dish, and they are super easy to hold. I also got one of their mugs to try, and its quickly become my new favorite. I was concerned about my order breaking in transit but I found everything was packed really well, they even wrapped the handle of the cup with this little piece of foam to protect it, Love that!

Love this elevated set.

This stunning set has completely elevated my dining and hosting game. The craftsmanship and subtle texture is gorgeous. I look forward to enjoying these pieces for a very long time.

Beautiful pieces!

I can’t get over how beautiful these pieces are. This is my new favourite mug!

Gorgeous colors!

I bought twice from Nugu in the same month and now I have a whole range of products in the gorgeous shaded blue collection. I know that I am going to have a number of envious friends. But, then I will just show them where they can also purchase these...... 😊

Great dinner set!

Beautiful glaze and color on the plates…perfect set for serving dinner.

Beautiful platter!

Really liked this platter - beautiful design, high quality and durable! We use this all the time when we have people over.

Excellent Craftmanship

Quality surpassed any other brand, wife enjoyed the cups.

Love the craftmanship and elegance of Vastra!

I have been enjoying Vastra dinner set for past 2 years now. I use it mostly during the home get-togethers and I always get rave reviews for this. Even though this set looks delicate, I have used it, washed it and served in it like any other dinnerware and the color and quality looks same as new. I also use the turning edge platter as a center piece for my dining table.

Stunning and Functional

These platters are my absolute go-to for hosting and I get so many compliments on them! The texture, the colour, the shape – everything is a home run. The hand-turned edge is a gamge changer and really helps with the grip (especially if you're prone to dropping me!)

The Perfect Ramekins

I am SO thrilled with these. They are the perfect size for sauces, desserts, and dips. I absolutely love the edge - it's so different than what's out there. Bold, edgy, functional. Big win!

The colour is everything I wanted it to be

I love these bowls. I wanted something slightly different than a lot of the ceramic options out there - and these delivered. They are sturdy and easy to clean, but they also are SO beautiful.

Never knew I needed tumblers until now

These are so stunning! We use these ALL the time, and they really elevate our everyday. I probably most often use these for coffee, and I'm always surprised at how well they protect my hands from the heat. They are easy to clean, and I've actually dropped one of them (more than once...) and they didn't break which was a lovely surprise. Sturdy, beautiful, artistic.

Obsessed with this set

These bowls are perfection. They are a beautiful shape, lovely texture, easy to clean, and the sizes are exactly what I needed. We use them every day! We have the matching plates and all together I'm just so happy with this combo.

Minimal and different

I love these plates SO much! They are absolutely gorgeous to serve on, and I love how they are both minimal but also a bit quirky (shape-wise). Easy to clean, not easy to scratch, and the perfect size for breakfast or appetizers. We have the matching bowls as well and they are stunning.

The PERFECT mug!

My go to mug lately - It’s the perfect size and shape! I have the white ones, but want them in every colour now 😍

Edge Dinner Set
Teagan S.
Beautiful texture

This glossy texture is EVERYTHING!!! I love this whole set so much. It’s so different from anything else I’ve seen out there - and I love supporting a business with such an incredible mission.