Handmade Dinnerware is hot

With the growing sustainability revolution, there is an obvious jump in handmade demand. Handmade crafts have for generations offered sustainable methods of producing, that somehow got lost with industrialization. But then everything in history suggests that the world is cyclic, and we humans are attracted to the old fashion, the old crafts, and the indigenous ways, time and again. We are learning that even though industrialization offered cheaper means to satisfy the growing global demands, we have reached a tipping point with climate that is calling for more attention towards some of these old indigenous ways that are more sustainable, environment friendly, and of-course more fashionable.

 Handmade ceramics have been there for generations, and this almost dying craft, has over the past decade become extremely popular. Potteries that would struggle to survive, have become piping hot spots for chefs and individuals who want handmade, colorful, and exotic dinnerware for their restaurants and homes. I would easily relate this revolution with the food revolution. Past decade has seen such immense and rapid growth in the food industry, with chefs becoming the new superstars creating wonderous dishes with a great fan following.

Popular TV shows like MasterChef was the first one to use beautiful handmade dinnerware in all their shows and that inspired chefs across the globe approach potters for custom designs. We were back then a small pottery in Bangalore, India and were first approached by a few progressive chefs to design and craft dinnerware for their high-end restaurant. We’ve come a long way since then, and are today, collaborating with many design and sustainability conscious restaurants, cafes, breweries, as well as 5 star establishments, towards crafting a variety of functional, design-led and strong dinnerware.
Even though the revolution began with the Chefs, the aware millennial consumers were not far behind. The modern buyers quickly caught on to the handmade stoneware club and began looking for alternatives to the white Bone China, Porcelain and Corelle’s of the world. Past few years, especially the pandemic, saw the emergence of new sustainable ceramics dinnerware brands, like Nugu, that offered exciting, colorful, and sophisticated alternatives to the classic whites.
Today, if you want to throw a fancy home party, you have instant online options to order your collection of stunning dinner-sets, platters, nested bowls, coffee mugs or dessert plates from. A blend of beautiful organic colors, perfectly crafted by hands, is a perfect addition for homes and dinner tables that value a sustainable today for a healthy tomorrow.
Sonali Sharma
Co-founder at Nugu

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