Meet Sundar, our Firing Expert: Unveiling the Masters behind the Craft

At Nugu Home, we believe that behind every exquisite piece of pottery lies the skillful hands and unwavering dedication of our artisans. Today, we shine a spotlight on Sundar, our firing expert at the Nugu Home's Micro-factory in India. His passion for the mysterious art of firing has propelled him to become a true maestro in his craft, enriching our collections with his unparalleled expertise and commitment to sustainable production.

A Journey Fueled by Curiosity: Sundar's journey with Nugu Home began from the very beginning. As one of our first artisans, he exhibited an insatiable curiosity for the enigmatic world of kilns. From day one, he delved deep into understanding the intricate processes involved in firing pottery. Fueled by his relentless pursuit of knowledge and a burning desire to master his craft, Sundar quickly became the go-to expert in our Micro-factory.

Mastery of Art and Science: Over the past five years, Sundar has honed his skills as a firing expert, demonstrating an extraordinary blend of artistry and scientific precision. His deep understanding of temperature, glaze chemistry, and the behavior of different clay bodies allows him to create pottery that exhibits exceptional quality, durability, and beauty. Sundar's keen eye for detail ensures that each piece that emerges from the kiln carries the hallmark of excellence.

Empowering Sustainable Production: Sundar's expertise is not limited to his exceptional firing skills. He plays a pivotal role in our commitment to sustainable production. By carefully managing the firing process, Sundar helps us minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, and ensure eco-friendly practices. His dedication to sustainability extends beyond the Micro-factory, positively impacting the environment and the communities we serve.

Beyond Pottery: Transforming Lives: Sundar's journey with Nugu Home is not just about mastering a craft; it is about transforming lives. As one of the few artisans who have tripled their earnings through our sustainable practices, Sundar has become an inspiration to his community. His personal achievements, such as recently purchasing a car, demonstrate the significant impact that fair wages and skill development can have on artisans and their families.

Sundar's remarkable expertise as a firing expert embodies the essence of Nugu Home's commitment to conscious crafting and sustainable production. His dedication, passion, and unwavering pursuit of excellence continue to shape our collections and empower our mission. 

At Nugu Home, we celebrate our artisan's exceptional journey and the countless stories that emerge from Asia's first forest pottery. Together, we are crafting a more sustainable future, one beautiful piece at a time.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of our artisans and the incredible artistry behind Nugu Home's creations.


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